What was I thinking????

Somewhere along the interstate I discovered myself. I had been struggling along life’s highway for most of my life, never asking questions, never asking for opinions, just plain never asking. So I find myself driving miles after miles wondering what the hell I am doing. I mean really what possessed me to become a truck driver after all these years.

I most have driven my recruiter crazy. I called and asked a few questions applied was accepted, Manny my recruiter was ready to put me on the next bus out-of-town. Slow down I told him I hadn’t made up my mind yet. Needed to think…..

Called my brother the truck driver and told him what I was thinking, he was very excited for me. Gave me even more to think about and  more questions for Manny. This went on for weeks. Finally I made the decision, I was in a very bad relationship either put on my hiking boots and hike the Appalachian trial or become a truck driver. I was that desperate to get out.


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